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Judy Polacheck is a corporate employment lawyer who helps companies comply with employment laws and regulations. If your company has a concern about its workforce, or receives an employee complaint, contact Judy for legal advice and strategies to resolve the problem.

Judy specializes in helping businesses whose workforce is not structured in a uniform way. Remote workers, part-timers, independent contractors and gig workers are all providing labor. Some people work on occasional projects and a few may be employed by affiliated entities. Judy helps bridge the gap between sometimes outdated rules governing the workforce and the realities of worker relationships in the digital economy.

For Workforce Legal Compliance

Polacheck HR Law helps companies comply with the laws and regulations on workforce management.

Small Businesses & Startups

Create policies and procedures, contracts, terms and conditions of employment, employee relations.

Large Businesses

Investigations, legal consults for HR departments, training to prevent harassment and discrimination.

Global Businesses

Advice on employee global mobility, employment agreements and secondment agreements for cross-border assignments and more.

Corporate Counsel

A core function of my practice is to provide corporate attorneys with support and expertise.

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Webinar: Tackling Labor & Employment Challenges Due to Coronavirus

Ron Peppe of Canam Steel Corporation, Dori Goldstein of Bloomberg Law and I are “Tackling Labor & Employment Challenges Due to Coronavirus” in a Bloomberg Law webinar this Wednesday. Join us! I’ll share my analysis of the COVID-19 pandemic’s impact on gig workers and the gig economy. Sign Up here.

The Shifting Landscape on Pre-Employment Arbitration Agreements

What Employers Need to Know: An arbitration clause was, until recently, one of the least-discussed components of an employment-related agreement. Employers included the clauses with the hope that disputes would be resolved in a faster, less expensive and more predictable way than they would be through litigation in court. Employers also valued the confidentiality of…

Gig Economy Still Evolving: Uber Update

Companies like Uber have come to not only symbolize the gig economy, but also serve as bellwethers—leading the way, somewhat haphazardly, through uncharted legal territory. Uber’s classification of its drivers as independent contractors, and not as employees, is still one of the biggest and most closely watched issues surrounding this new business model. Here’s a…